FCA Soccer Puts on a Volunteer Coaches Clinic

(Memphis, TN) Rain was expected but God had better plans!!  What a beautiful day God provided for us last Saturday, March 11th.  The sky's were blue and the temperature was mid 60s.  TN Rush Soccer Club's 2000 Nike Girls team was on hand with smiles  and energy to be the FCA Soccer Demo Team for Coach Ross. 

FCA Soccer's National Director, Ross Paule, put on a "Volunteer Coaches Clinic" at Holy Communian Church in Memphis, TN for all East Shelby Church Recreation Association (ESCRA) Coaches and Parents.  There was 5 different local Memphis churches who had a coaches present.  The clinic's focus was on developing and fostering a fun, learning environment for the coaches, players and parents.  Ross showed the coaches many different practices through a small sided practice and game environment.

FCA Soccer's Vision and Goals for the coaches soccer clinic as for the coaches to walk away more equiped and more confident to impact the team and players in a positive way.  Ross provided the coaches with the resources and tools, to insure the main focus in on what really matter's, the child's developement as a soccer player and person. 

"It's one thing to read about practices, but it sure helps to actually see them in action and in person.  It is so important to relay a clear picture of how to lay out a whole practice with a specific focus in mind.  My hope is that we help the coaches feel confident and realize the impact they can have on the children.  I love the quote from Billy Graham that states the one coach has more impact on more people in one year than the average person does in a lifetime.  Wow!  These coaches already volunteer their valuable time, let's focus on how we use that time to truly impact the soccer world!",    FCA National Soccer Director Ross Paule states.

If your organization is interested in hosting a similar coaches clinic, please contact:

Ross Paule